Floyd Maweather Sr speaks: "This is Crazy" in reference to Floyd Jr's Decision
By Johnny Benz (March 28, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Floyd Mayweather Sr. feels his estranged son, Floyd Jr's decision to join this year's WWE Wrestlemania is not worth the risks. Speaking to David Mayo of the Grand Rapids Press, Mayweather Sr. referred to his son's decision as "crazy." Mayweather Jr is set to take on "Big Show" at this year's WrestleMania event.

Quoted by the Grand Rapids Press, Mayweather Sr. stated: "Why take a chance like that? That thing, even though it's staged, anything can happen. If you've already got enough money, it's all right to get more money, as long as
it's within reason. But this is crazy. What are you going to do with a man that's 441 pounds? It's like hitting a brick wall."

Jeff Mayweather, Brother of Floyd Sr and Uncle to Jr. also was quoted by the Grand Rapids Press in regards to his feelings of Floyd Jr. in the WWE. Jeff stated: "I don't think they can let Floyd win because the other guy is their commodity. That would compromise the wrestling business, to allow Floyd to come in and beat their man. So he'll either beat Floyd, or there will be some disqualification, or Floyd will get run out of the ring by some crazy antics. But I don't believe they'll let Floyd win."

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