Christina Aguilera using Boxing to Knock Out the Critics
By Johnny Benz (March 28, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Music star Christina Aguilera isn't sitting back down and taking crap from the stupid critics who have labeled her as fat. Critics have publicly lashed out at Aguilera for being fat... which is extremely stupid all considering she just gave Birth to a son (named Max) on January 12.

Aguilera is getting back in shape using Boxing in a bid to try and lose all the baby weight. Aguilera isn't getting back in shape for the critics, but rather for her upcoming album.
Although she is using Boxing to get back in shape, the Music Superstar admits she doesn't want her workout to affect the size of her newly found bigger breasts.

Quoted by the media, Aguilera stated: "I haven't got back to my pre-baby weight yet, but I'm loving my body. My husband loves my cleavage in particular."

Aguilera added: "I've just got back into the gym and I'm doing boxing and weights. I want to be in shape for my next record."

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