Michael Spinks speaks on his 91 Second Loss to Mike Tyson
By Johnny Benz (March 28, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
A day after Cory Spinks lost to Verno Phillips by way of a 12-round split decision, his Uncle Michael Spinks is reminded of the only loss of his career. It was his final bout and it lasted a mere 91 seconds. Back in 1988, Michael lasted only 91 seconds against Mike Tyson. Until that fight Michael was undefeated. Michael blames his annihilation by Tyson on a lengthy layoff between fights, and is convinced a long layoff is also the main reason his nephew Cory Spinks lost on Thursday.

Quoted by the Associated Press, Michael stated: "Cory had his hands full being out of the ring for about a year. Ring rust is going to play a part, and if it hadn't, it would have been amazing."

"You think you've got it and you try to move from a punch you see coming, and it's almost in slow motion. You want to do it, but you can't."

The loss reminds Michael of his defeat to Tyson. Michael recalled to the AP: "They waited me out. They said, 'We don't need Spinks. Did I have ring rust? I'm sure I did because I fought a foolish fight, I went out there trying to slug with the guy and I got nailed."

Michael also told the AP that he got some advice from Muhammad Ali before he faced Tyson, but he didn't utilize Ali's wisdom. "That wasn't usually my fight. Muhammad Ali told me before the fight to jab and move from side to side, and I didn't do that," said Michael.

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