Ray Hatton: Ricky Hatton vs Junior Witter on Hatton's Terms Only
By Johnny Benz (March 29, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Junior Witter has been chasing down Ricky Hatton for a long time now to no avail. According to Ray Hatton, (Ricky's Father) he believes the fight will happen, but only under Ricky's terms.

Speaking to setantasports.com, Ray Hatton spoke out on Witter and a possible clash against his son. Hatton Sr. stated: "No disrespect to Junior, we've met him and he's a nice guy." Hatton Sr. added: "I just basically think people around him have advised him wrongly and read Ricky Hatton wrong.

Hatton's Sr. praised his son, but admitted he had a stubborn side to him, saying: "You'll never meet a nicer person than Ricky, but he does have a stubborn streak when he digs his heels in."

Hatton Sr. also discussed his son's feelings on the matter, stating to setanta: "He said: 'Dad, one day I think I'll wake up and say make the fight now, get it made now. But I want to feel that I'm making the fight. I don't want to feel that I'm forced to make the fight.'"

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