Bernard Hopkins Almost Died: And that's Bad News For Joe Calzaghe
By Johnny Benz (March 29, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Bernard Hopkins has some bad news for Joe Calzaghe. Hopkins tells Ian Stafford of the Daily Mail UK, the bad news for Calzaghe is that he is facing a fighter who does not fear dying.

Hopkins has not had an easy life and speaks often on just how lucky he is to be alive. Pointing to a serious wound on his body, Hopkins tells the Daily Mail "You see that? That's where the blade went in. Missed my heart by nothing. There's two more like that in my back, as well."

The mere fact that Hopkins himself knows he is lucky to being walking amongst the living, is the reason he does not fear death. "I have no fear of losing because I have no fear of dying," says Hopkins in the Daily Mail, adding: "In fact, I should already be dead. It's because I'm not that I've become the person I have. And that's very bad news for Joe Calzaghe."

Hopkins takes on Calzaghe in Las Vegas on April 19th.

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