Bernard Hopkins says he never saw White People where he came From
By Johnny Benz (March 29, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
On April 19 in Las Vegas, Bernard Hopkins faces what many are considering his toughest challenge, Joe Calzaghe. Leading up to the fight, Hopkins told Calzaghe he'd never lose to a white boy. That comment has attracted a lot of heat on Hopkins, with many people feeling the comment was racial and made him look like a racist.

In a recent interview by Ian Stafford of the Daily Mail UK, Hopkins stated that where he grew up, he never saw any
white people, so it's unacceptable for him to lose to a white person. Hopkins however defends his comments to the publication and says he is not a racist.

In regards to why he said the "White Boy" comment to Calzaghe, Hopkins tells the Daily Mail: "I wanted to test the pulse. I knew it would get under his skin and it did. I smell fear in people that others can't because of where I've come from. Everyone knows I'm not a racist. Most of my team are white, and that includes my coach."

Hopkins added went more in depth, stating. "What I said was a social comment. Where I come from, in the North Philly projects, in the State Penitentiary, and especially in the boxing rings, I never saw a white face. So it's unacceptable to me that a white guy can defeat me after where I've had to drag myself up from."

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