Antonio Tarver Speaks: He got his Magic from God
By Johnny Benz (March 30, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Antonio Tarver is focused on Clinton Woods. The two face off on April 12 at the St. Pete Times Forum. Tarver took some time from his hectic training schedule to to talk to Rick Brown of The Ledger. Tarver discussed many things, including what inspires him and if he credits Boxing for saving him.

In regards to what inspires him, Tarver told The Ledger he could never forget where he came from and how blessed he feels to be where he is today, considering how he grew up.

Tarver tells The Ledger: I'll never forget where I came from. People see the flash and the cars and they form their opinion. They have no idea where I came from. If some of them were in my shoes, they would have quit a long time ago."

Tarver continued, talking about growing up in a single family home in an area infested with gangs and drugs. Tarver tells The Ledger: "I'm blessed to get where I'm at. We had nothing. If I can make it, you can too, that is what I want to tell the kids. I come from a single-parent home. I was a fatherless child. I was an inner-city kid. Where I stayed there were gangs and drug-infested neighborhoods. But I did not use that as an excuse. I made it. There are no excuses. There are no excuses for failure. If you set your mind to it, you can accomplish anything."

After discussing his upbringing, Tarver was asked by Brown if boxing save Him? Although Tarver gave credit to Boxing, it was only a tool. It was God who Tarver
credits for his outcome in life. Tarver answered the question, stating: "God saved me. Boxing was the tool. I had a unique gift, a gift that I realized early on. Early on, I fell in love with the sport. I have a passion for boxing. I love it and I'm blessed 10-times fold."

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