Ricky Hatton's agonising Prison Secret Revealed by People UK
By Johnny Benz (March 30, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
According to an exclusive report by Gareth Melder and published by The People.co.uk, Ricky Hatton and his girlfriend, Jen Dooley have been hiding an agonising secret. Melder reports that Kate Dooley (The sister of Hatton's Girlfriend) was caught with £1,000 worth of heroin and cannabis stuffed in her clothing and boots. According to the report, Dooley a Lawyer was caught during a prison visit to her lover, Scott Jeffries a convicted armed robber.

Drug Sniffing dogs found the drugs on Kate as she was waiting to see Jeffries. Kate was jailed for five years after she admitted to possessing drugs with intent to supply. In Melder's article, a person who is claimed to be a family friend is quoted saying: "Kate was so besotted with Jeffries she would have done anything for him." The friend added: But Jenny still can't believe she has been so stupid. Kate had everything going for her, including a glittering career. But she threw it all away for some toe-rag."

The family friend says Hatton has been a big help. "It has caused tremendous upset among Jenny's family - but they have all rallied to support each other. And Ricky has been tremendous."

Kate, was a trainee solicitor when she tried to smuggle the drugs in December 2006. The publication indicated that Hatton was unavailable for comment.

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