Joe Calzaghe speaks: Sends a Warning to Dirty Bernard Hopkins
By Johnny Benz (March 30, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
In a recent interview by Tom Hopkinson of the, Joe Calzaghe has warned Bernard Hopkins that if he fights dirty, he'll suffer some Italian-style retribution. The two are set to face off against one another on April 19 in Las Vegas at the Thomas and Mack Center .

Calzaghe jokingly tells the publication: "If he tries to slap me I'll drop the f****** head on the guy, Sardinian style!" (Calzaghe's Father, Enzo is from Sardinia.)

Calzaghe discussed what most worries him about Hopkins and that is the dirty reputation he feels Hopkins has. Calzaghe stated: "He can be a dirty little b******, like we've seen in the past - he butted Winky Wright - so that's all that worries me.

Calzaghe feels he is the better fighter and knows he can't get pulled into Hopkins' game. "I have to make sure I don't get involved in that sort of gruelling, rough, tough sort of fight," said Calzaghe, adding: "I'm better than that - I'm the better boxer."

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