Bernard Hopkins Near Death Experience serves as a warning to Joe Calzaghe
By Johnny Benz (April 1, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Things between Bernard Hopkins and Joe Calzaghe are heating up rapidly as the two are set to face one another on April 19th in Las Vegas at the Thomas and Mack Center. Recently quoted by the media, Hopkins has warned Calzaghe that he should not to expect an easy ride when the two collide.

Quoted by the Sun Uk, Hopkins warned Calzaghe that nothing he can throw at him will compare to what Hopkins has already gone through. Hopkins stated: "Whatever Joe throws at me in the ring, it's
nothing compared with what I've faced up to and managed to overcome in life." Hopkins has survived a knife wound close to piercing his heart as well as growing up in a rough neighborhood and spending time starting at the age of 17 in a Penitentiary.

Hopkins went further on to warn Calzaghe that he is going to find out just how tough the challenge will be and the outcome will not be in favor of Calzaghe. Hopkins quoted in the publication, stated: "Pretty soon after the first bell sounds, Joe's going to realize he's got one hell of a fight on his hands.

Hopkins added: "That's why there's only one ending to this story. You know it, I know it and deep down, so does Joe Calzaghe."

Source of Quotes: 
Sun Uk

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