No April Fools Joke: Floyd Mayweather Jr says he can beat Superman
By Johnny Benz (April 1, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Floyd Mayweather Jr used Brass Knuckles to defeat Paul "Big Show" Wight by knock out at Sunday's Wrestlemania XXIV. After defeating Wight, a giant who stands at 7.2 ft, 400 pounds plus, Mayweather Jr. was his usual cocky self, this time saying he could beat Superman.

Yes you heard that right, Superman, the comic book hero made of Steel. If you think that is funny - Please keep in mind this is not an April Fools joke.

Mayweather Jr. stated after his victory at WreslteMania: "Floyd Mayweather never claimed to be Superman," Mayweather Jr. added: "I claimed I can beat Superman; I've never claimed to be Superman."

Mayweather Jr. also discussed his injuries from the fight, stating: "He (Big Show) stepped on my hand. And my lip was bleeding a little while ago. Outside the ring, he hit me with a knee. And I've got this hand print welt on my chest."

If he is complaining about those sorts of injuries... one can only imagine what Superman would do to him. Not to mention I doubt brass knuckles will help him much. Oh well, it would make good Pay-per-view.

Source of Quotes: 
David Mayo, Grand Rapids Press

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