Clinton Woods disses Antonio Tarver
By Johnny Benz (April 2, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Clinton Woods is set to take on Antonio Tarver on April 12 in Tampa Bay, Florida. Ahead of the clash, Woods has vowed to defeat what he calls a part-time movie star in Antonio Tarver. Quoted by Phil Barnetton on SportingLife UK, Woods who is focused on the fight, warned the man who beat Rocky Balboa in the movies: "There's no script in professional boxing."

Woods is not the least impressed with Tarver's movie career, telling the publication: "I think he (Tarver) thinks he
is a bigger movie star than he actually is."

Woods went on to diss Tarver for being a big mouth and thinking he is a big movie star, stating: "He played a bad guy in Rocky and he thinks he is a massive star from that. But to me, he is just another boxer. A big-mouth boxer. That's all I'm looking at.

"There's no script in professional fighting,' added Woods.

Source of Quotes: 
Phil Barnetton
Sporting Life UK

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