Joe Calzaghe speaks on his Motivation and names Lacy and Kessler as Fighters who Excited Him
By Johnny Benz (April 3, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
In a recent media release sent to us at Doghouse Boxing by Fred Sternburg, Joe Calzaghe who is set to face Bernard Hopkins on April 19 in the Planet Hollywood Ring in Las Vegas, answered many questions asked to him by the media in regards to his upcoming fight. In one of the questions, Calzaghe was asked what his motivation for fighting Hopkins is?

Chris Mannix representing Sports Illustrated asked Calzaghe: " I’m wondering besides a hefty paycheck,
what is your motivation for taking this fight against Hopkins?"

Joe Calzaghe responded to the question, stating: "Well, new challenge basically. I’ve always said if you get a fight as a light heavyweight it would be nice, and a fight in the states, and obviously going out and watching the tremendous support, he had enough. I thought, well it kind of is the end of my career, it’d be a shame never to experience it first hand yourself. So that’s basically it."

Calzaghe went on to add: "Fighting in America and challenging myself, it’d be great when the few Brits go over and succeed. So that in itself is cool for me and it’s worth getting me excited. It’s not just about fighting for money. At the end of the day you’d be willing to get paid money, but maybe boxing what, 26 years when you’re fighting, it takes a lot for me to get excited these days."

Calzaghe then mentioned the fighters who have gotten him excited. Calzaghe stated to the press on hand: "(Mikkel) Kessler gets me excited, (Jeff) Lacy got
me excited, so nothing in super middleweight at the moment interests me, so hence me going up to fight at 175."

Source of Quotes: Fred Sternburg
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