Joe Calzaghe on why he almost dumped his Father
By Johnny Benz (April 7, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Joe Calzaghe is set to take on Bernard Hopkins on April 19th. The fight will be shown live by HBO and at take place at the Planet Hollywood Ring in Las Vegas. At a recent teleconference with the press, Calzaghe was asked if it was true that at one time in his career there was a situation that he should leave his father and trainer Enzo Calzaghe to go on in boxing?

Calzaghe stated the situation was true, but said he kept his father and credits him for all his achievements
in life. Calzaghe answered the question, stating: "Oh yeah. At the end of the day if it wasn’t for my dad I wouldn’t be where I am today as far as boxing at night. He motivated me, took me to the gym, taught me the basics in my teenage years. When you want a knock on the head and you want to go out with your friends and do this, he kicked me in the ass and kept me on a straightened arrow."

Calzaghe went on to add there was a time he was considering leaving his father, but could not do so because he feels he owes it all to his father. "I owe it all to him. There was a time as a pro when I had some bad fights and people from outside were sort of criticizing him and even myself. I was thinking about getting another trainer in as well for awhile, but after a few months I knew I couldn’t do that. Because whatever happened in my career, I owe everything to him to where I’ve got to," said Calzaghe, adding: "And thank God I stayed with dad, and he’s proven not just with me, with the other boys that he’s made world champions, trainer of the year. He’s a fantastic trainer, he’s alright, and I wouldn’t change it for the world."

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