Joe Calzaghe doesn't need Ricky Hatton and will quit if Bernard Hopkins defeats him
By Johnny Benz (April 7, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
On April 19th, the highly anticipated match up between Joe Calzaghe and Bernard Hopkins takes place at the Planet Hollywood Ring in Las Vegas and will be shown live by HBO. At a recent teleconference to help hype the bout, Calzaghe was asked if he had spoken to Ricky Hatton yet about running tips and going to America and then Vegas for the big show?

Calzaghe stated he hadn't spoken recently to Hatton but had done so in the past. Calzaghe also stated
that at this time he doesn't need Hatton. Calzaghe answered the questions, stating: "No I haven’t spoken to Ricky, but I talked to him for awhile back. We obviously don’t need it a week before, because it takes at least two weeks to sort of acclimate. But like anything, I think every individual has their own way of dealing with things. You can't tell somebody the way you should regarding the pressure and going to another place. I’ve always felt like I’ve got a personality where I’m comfortable with adapting to any situation I’m in and I’ve always felt like we travel well. And obviously I need to prove that but I’ve always felt that we travel well."

Calzaghe went on to add: "And I’m actually excited about going away. Number one because obviously it’s f*cking freezing and it hasn’t started raining yet, so I’m looking forward to training with some sun on my back. And number two, it’s like I said, I am anything they told me to was going out before. You’ve got certain people that said three weeks before. But there’s absolutely no way I go three weeks before any case. I’ve got my kids and I think three weeks is too long. Especially fighting old man, three weeks, I think two weeks is plenty of time to beat this old man. If I can't beat this old man I’ll retire and I won’t show my face in public ever again."

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