Ricky Hatton makes prediction on Joe Calzaghe vs Bernard Hopkins Fight
By Johnny Benz (April 7, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Quoted recently on The Wales on Sunday, Ricky Hatton gave his opinion on Joe Calzaghe's fight with Bernard Hopkins. The two are set to face one another on April 19 in Las Vegas. Hatton gave his prediction on the fight, throwing his support for a Calzaghe victory.

Quoted on the Wales on Sunday, Hatton stated: “I’m confident he (Calzaghe) will win and good luck to him.” Hatton went on to add: “I can’t see Joe losing and, while it’s not a foregone conclusion
by any means, with his speed, work rate and busyness, I can only see one winner."

Hatton doesn't feel Calzaghe needs to change much in his arsenal when he fights Hopkins and gave some advice on sticking to the game plan.

Hatton stated: “And the way Joe has prepared for other fights has got him to where he is anyway. So he doesn’t need to change much." 

Hatton added: “You just have to keep your eye on your game plan and stick to it. That’s the best way to do it.”

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