Mike Tyson showing up to support Ricky Hatton
By Johnny Benz (April 9, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Next month on May 24, Mike Tyson will be at ringside to witness Ricky Hatton take on Juan Lazcano. Hatton, is excited that Tyson will be at his next fight and has been quoted in the media as being "chuffed as a steam engine" over the fact of the former Heavyweight Champ being ringside.

Mike Tyson's appearance at Hatton's, is only part of a series of public shows in Britain. A national dinner tour featuring Tyson is also planned.

Tyson will also be appearing at the Sands Centre (UK) on Sunday May 25. The Sands Centre (a leisure center) will welcome Tyson to the city, who is touring the nation in a dinner tour. At the dinner event Tyson will be interviewed by Richie Woodall.

It has been reported the another former Heavyweight Champion of the Wold, Tony Tucker will also be at the dinner event with a series of Q&A for Tyson.

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