Shane Mosley knew he was taking Steroids before Oscar De La Hoya Fight: Claims Conte
By Johnny Benz (April 9, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
The founder of BALCO, Victor Conte tells the Los Angeles Times that Shane Mosley knew "exactly and precisely what he was doing" when he utilized BALCO's services before a fight with Oscar De La Hoya in 2003. Mosley who won the 2003 battle with De La Hoya, is suing Conte for libel, and maintains in the lawsuit that Conte told him "all of the products recommended ... were entirely legal and appropriate." Conte however is sticking by his claims, stating to the LA Times that Mosley knew that he was receiving steroids .

Quoted by the LA Times, Conte stated: "I didn't deceive him; he knew what he was taking and I told him that before he took it." Conte went on to add: "I told him it was an undetectable steroid that wouldn't show up in a test."

Conte explained to the publication what he says Mosley was doing to increase his performance inside the boxing ring. Conte stated: "He was increasing the percentage of red blood cells with every breath, increasing the number of oxygen molecules to his muscle tissue, which means instead of having shortness of breath during a long workout, your stamina is enhanced." Conte then added: "We had talked about the benefits of oxygen uptake. . . . We talked about the benefit of EPO being at the end of the fight, with his extra stamina and endurance."

Conte tells the publication that Mosley's bill was $1,650 with a $900 cash payment for EPO. Mosley maintains he believed the products he was using from BALCO were legal vitamins.

Conte scoffed at the notion that Mosley though they were vitamins, stating: "You think vitamins cost $900 a month?"

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