50 Cent claims he won the Fist Fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr
By Johnny Benz (April 9, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Mayweather Jr. Speaking to Hot 97's "Miss Jones In The Morning" radio show, 50 Cent addressed the rumors swirling around that internet that he had confrontation with Mayweather Jr. in which punches were thrown.

Although 50 Cent claims he beat Mayweather Jr., he stated to the radio program that it was more of a scuffle rather than a fight. 50 stated on the show: "It wasn't like a fight it was more of like a scuffle."

When probed further to divuldge who won the scuffle between the two, 50 Cent answered: "Floyd is no longer undefeated."

The scuffle occurred at Mayweather's recent celebrity basketball event. The tone of 50 Cent's voice on the radio program seemed to indicate that he and Mayweather Jr. have buried the encounter and remain friends.

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