Drug Thug: Clinton Woods saved by His Mother
By Johnny Benz (April 10, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
In a recent article by Pat Sheehan for the Sun UK, Clinton Woods is quoted, revealing how a letter from his mother saved his life. Woods was on a path that had him around drugs and in jail. Woods who takes on Antonio Tarver on Saturday, knows his life could have very well turned out differently.

Woods admits he use to fight inside bars and outside seedy nightclubs, fuelled by alcohol and drugs. Woods quoted by the publication discussed just how scared his mother was each time he went
out. Woods explained: “Mam said she was frightened to death because every time I went out something bad was happening." Woods added: “I used to take ecstasy. Not many really, only two or three in my life. But I did take whizz — amphetamines — along with other mates when we’d go out drinking. Everybody else was doing it so I was daft enough to do the same for just a fiver wrap."

The drugs made Woods violent and often times he'd go out looking for trouble. Woods stated: “The stuff makes some people want to dance, or in my case fight. I felt like I could fight King Kong."

Woods credits his mother for the turn around in his life. “I was around 20 when my mum was sick of me getting into trouble and got me to stop," said Woods, adding: “She wrote me a letter, telling me I was ruining my life. It was a turning point for me."

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