Mike Tyson Speaks on helping Wayne Rooney and Paul Gascoigne
By Johnny Benz (April 14, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Set to visit England in May, Mike Tyson, will use his trip to try and help Paul Gascoigne. Gascoigne an ex footballer was recently admitted to undergo psychiatric treatment in a hospital.

Quoted in the UK Media, Tyson stated in regards to Gascoigne, "I know all about Gazza and I feel I can help him. A lot of top sportsmen have suffered in their private lives, including me, and that is why I want to help."

Tyson went on to add how a few years back he helped football superstar Wayne Rooney, stating: "I still see him as a superstar and would like to meet him if he feels up for it. Back in 2005, Wayne Rooney was on a downer and I met him and lifted his spirits. I am sure I can do the same for Paul Gascoigne."

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