Calzaghe's Best and Worst Sporting Memories
By Johnny Benz (April 15, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
In a recent interview published by and conducted by Gareth A. Davies, Enzo Calzaghe got personal in answering many of the questions asked of him. Enzo is the father and trainer for Joe Calzaghe who takes on Bernard Hopkins in Las Vegas this weekend. Enzo discussed amongst many things his best and worst sporting memory.

In regards to his most memorable sporting moment, Enzo named his son's victory over Jeff Lacy. Enzo told the
publication: "Joe beating Jeff Lacy. Joe had a package full of demons [brought on by marital stress] and worries about injuries to his hands and did not want to fight Lacy."

Enzo added: "I told him he would be history if he didn't fight. He sees it now as his best performance."

Enzo also discussed his worst sporting moment. It also included his son. Enzo was not happy that his son was not going to the Olympics in 1992. Enzo stated: "Joe not going to the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. There was animosity with the Welsh ABA council and they bit off their own noses."

Enzo added: "Robin Reid got a bronze medal. Joe would have come home with a gold."

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