Joe Calzaghe Gets Angry; Blasts Bernard Hopkins with Swear Words and Insults
By Johnny Benz (April 16, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
At a press conference yesterday to help hype Joe Calzaghe vs Bernard Hopkins, Calzaghe took no time in ripping apart Hopkins. Calzaghe held back nothing, using curse words to trash Hopkins. Calzaghe descibed Hopkins as being a phoney and that his intentions are to send Hopkins into retirement on Saturday evening when the two face off on HBO.

At the conference, Calzaghe dissed Hopkins, stating: “All this s*** about being the Executioner and
wearing that stupid hat and telling everyone he’s a legend, what the f*** is that?”

Calzaghe blasted Hopkins further, adding: “You are a f****** phoney mate, a phoney, a f****** phoney, let’s have it right. This will be his last fight.”

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