McGuigan uses Roy Jones Jr, Antonio Tarver and Jermain Taylor for Calzaghe - Hopkins Prediction
By Johnny Benz (April 16, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Retired boxing champ and ringside analyst, Barry McGuigan, believes Joe Calzaghe will defeat Bernard Hopkins when the two face off this weekend at the Planet Hollywood Bowl.

McGuigan quoted by , Delme Parfitt, for the Western Mail, stated: “If you look at the first big defeat Hopkins suffered against Roy Jones, it was hand speed that did him. What is Joe’s great asset? Hand speed. That’ll be the difference again.”

McGuigan went on to add that Hopkins' win over Antonio Tarver doesn't say much for the aging Hopkins. “The performance against Tarver said more about Tarver than Hopkins,” said McGuigan.

McGuigan also gave his opinion on Hopkins two fights with Jermain Taylor, noting Taylor isn't as fast as Calzaghe. McGuigan stated: “Hopkins was beaten twice by Jermain Taylor and Taylor is not the fighter Joe Calzaghe is, nor is he as fast." McGuigan added: “So that is a more accurate barometer of where 42-year-old Hopkins is at.”

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