Kostya Tszyu speaks out on Returning to Boxing
By Johnny Benz (April 17, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Kostya Tszyu is strongly considering a return to the Boxing Ring. The Former world boxing champ has not fought anyone since losing to Ricky Hatton back in 2005.

Quoted by The Age AU, Tszyu insisted there is a very good chance that fans will see him resume his professional boxing career. What will get Tszyu back in the ring is a lot of cash.

Tszyu tells the publication: "I would never fight for money but it would need to be a big number." Tszyu added: "Some Russians offered me ridiculous money, bigger than I've ever had, but not anything concrete."

Tszyu also admits that even though there is a good chance of him returning to the sport that made him famous, he is staying realistic but it would take big motivation to get him to return. Tszyu stated: "I'm realistically saying it's still a big chance but it would need to be huge motivation."

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