Ricky Hatton sends Important Text Message to Joe Calzaghe ahead of Bernard Hopkins Clash
By Johnny Benz (April 17, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Ricky Hatton is deep in training for his upcoming fight with Juan Lazcano on May 24 and will not be able to be ringside in Las Vegas to support his friend Joe Calzaghe this Saturday. Calzaghe faces off against Bernard Hopkins and Hatton who is supporting Calzaghe to win has been texting Calzaghe with messages of support and tips.

Quoted by Sachin Nakrani for the Guardian UK, Hatton stated: "We have been texting each other and I will call Joe
before his fight to wish him good luck. I wish I could go over but I'm in the thick of my training. I'll be there in spirit."

Hatton sent Calzaghe an important warning to stay out of the Casinos due to the Air Condition climate inside them. Hatton stated in the publication: "Joe needs to stay out of the casinos because of the air conditioning. At the highest level that can be the difference."

Hatton thinks highly of Hopkins, but can't see him defeating Calzaghe: "Bernard is a great fighter but I just can't see Joe losing," said Hatton, adding: "He will be too busy for Hopkins; he has too much speed and work-rate."

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