Freddie Roach speaks out on Manny Pacquiao, his Dating Life and fight with Parkinson's Disease
By Johnny Benz (April 17, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Freddie Roach is arguably one of Boxing's best trainers. This weekend Roach will be in the corner of Bernard Hopkins who takes on Joe Calzaghe in Las Vegas. In a recent interview on USA Today, Roach discussed many things, including his fight with Parkinson's Disease, his dating life and his popularity in the Phillipines.

In regards to dating, Roach admits he can't find a woman who will take second over his love of Boxing. Roach stated on USA Today: "I can't find the girl that would take a back seat to boxing. Girlfriends, they can't see what I
do. I work too much, but it's what I like."

In regards to his star Pupil, the extremely popular and famous Manny Pacquiao, Roach doesn't hide his feelings, calling the Philipino Superstar, "my pride and joy. Roach says Pacquiao is like a son to him. Roach loves the attention the good people of the Philippines shower him with. "They say I'm the third most popular person in the Philippines," said Roach, adding: "Pacquiao is No. 1, the president's No. 2, and I'm No. 3."

In regards to his battle with Parkinson's Disease, Roach credits his career as a trainer that is helping slow down the disease. So far his condition has not gotten worse. Roach tells the publication: "The Parkinson's, some people tell me I'm going to get worse, it's part of the symptoms of it. But so far I haven't."

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