Anderson Silva still confident he will fight Roy Jones Jr this Year or Next Year
By Johnny Benz (April 17, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Although Dana White the President of the UFC has made it public that he will not endorse a fight between UFC's Anderson Silva and Boxing's Roy Jones Jr., Silva is not giving up on his dream.

Silva tells MMA website Sherdog: "I'm still confident this fight will happen. This can be this year or in 2009. I respect Dana White, the UFC owners and their point of view, but my vision is that I want this boxing match."

Silva has respect for the UFC and White but his personal wish to fight Jones Jr. is something he is strongly focused on. Silve stated on the website: "I have a contract with UFC; I respect them, I respect Dana White and I don't have anything to complain about the promotion ... they always treated me nicely. But this is my huge personal wish, a pro boxing fight against Roy Jones, who I consider the top boxer. I'm his fan as well."

Silva went on to add: "I'd like this fight to happen and I'll do everything possible to make it happen. Roy Jones stated his will to fight as well. He has an exceptional character, and we want this fight. This would be good for both sports -- MMA and boxing. This would be historical! This has to happen! I can't believe that the people responsible to make it happen don't see that. They can't let the fans be without this match, which can mark the story of the fight sport."

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