Clinton Woods may have been Poisoned - Taking Blood Test to Find Out
By Johnny Benz (April 17, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Was Clinton Woods poisoned by food or did he catch a virus before his fight with Antonio Tarver? Dennis Hobson who promotes Woods wants an answer to that question and is sending his fighter for some blood tests. Hobson is mystified by Woods poor showing in his fight last Saturday against Antonio Tarver.

Quoted by Bob Westerdale for The Star, Hobson stated to the publication: "Clinton's performance was inexplicable and I want some blood tests to see if there was a reason we don't know about as to why he was
so flat and his legs so heavy. Maybe he has a virus. There were a couple of people in our hotel who had food poisoning.

Something bothered Woods, and Hobson questions if his fighter was poisoned. Hobson stated: "Was he poisoned? I don't know, but something affected him"

Hobson is worried about the way Woods was acting a few days before the fight and believes a blood test could find out the reason why. "He had been moaning about little things – too hot, too cold – a couple of days before the fight. Hopefully blood tests might throw up an answer, said Hobson.

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