Kostya Tszyu vs Jackie Chan
By Johnny Benz (April 24, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
At this year's Beijing Olympics, Kostya Tszyu is ready to take on kung-fu star Jackie Chan. According to "Russia Today," Tszyu is assuring his fans that he’s taking the fight seriously.

Quoted by Russia Today, Tszyu stated in regards to his upcoming challenge: “Although Jackie Chan is already over 50, he is a master of his business.”

Tszyu tells the publication he has no clue what he and the Hollywood Actor will do in the ring. Chan could try to hit him with his legs or maybe not - so Tszyu is preparing for the match-up thoroughly.

Olympic event organizer, Tatyana Trubnikova quoted by RIA Novosti, stated: "Jackie Chan gave his approval, saying he liked the idea. But we need to receive permission from the Chinese Olympic Committee, as Chan is China's official face for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing."

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