Bernard Hopkins still Angry
By Johnny Benz (May 2, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Last week Chuck Giampa, one of the judges who scored Bernard Hopkins vs Joe Calzaghe in favor of Calzaghe, retired. Giampa scored the fight 116-111 for Calzaghe (Hopkins lost by split decision). After a career of judging bouts that spanned 24 years, Giampa retired stating he has plans to expand his insurance business to help boxers and also consultant fighters and trainers.

Hopkins who still believes he won the fight against Calzaghe, feels Giampa's retirement comes too late.
Hopkins' tells Espn: "He retired two weeks too late."

Hopkins went on to explain, saying: "I don't think my fight with Calzaghe was a landslide, but the nine rounds he gave to Joe Calzaghe was totally ridiculous."

Hopkins even hinted with his own opinion that Giampa maybe retiring before trouble hits the fan. Further quoted by Espn, Hopkins stated: "Is he getting pressured? Is there something out there that we don't know about right now, like when a politician resigns before [trouble] hits the fan? Or maybe he realized he was just too damn old to do the judging."

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