David Haye has a Weighty Issue he can't Ignore
By Johnny Benz (Jan 7, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
According to media reports, cruiserweight champ David Haye has been told to report and undergo a weigh-in every week in the lead-up to a title unification match against Enzo Maccarinelli schedule for March 8. Haye is to undergo the weekly regiment in order to ensure that he does not put his health at risk by losing too much weight in the run up to the match.

After winning the WBC and WBA titles from Jean-Marc Mormeck in November, it was revealed that the 10 days
leading up to the fight, Haye had lost 14lbs. The British Boxing Board of Control is doing the weight checkups to ensure that Haye does not crash diet and put his health at risk.

Quoted by the media, Haye stated: “The board want me to do weekly check weigh-ins.”

Haye added: “That’s fine by me. I will be training in northern Cyprus, so I have to go to see a doctor each week to be weighed.”

Haye believes that he will make the weight without any problems for his bout with Maccarinelli.

“Weight will not be an issue. After Mormeck I was back in the gym a week later,”said Haye.

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