Tito Trinidad admits he knows he is going to beat Roy Jones Jr
By Johnny Benz (Jan 15, 2008) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © David Martin Warr/DKP)  
At a conference held today at the WaMu Theater Lobby at Madison Square Garden to help hype Felix "Tito" Trinidad vs Roy Jones Jr. for this upcoming Saturday on HBO Pay-Per-View, both Tito and his father were on hand to give thier feelings on the fight. Tito was fully confident of a victory against Jones Jr., while his father and trainer is very comfortable about the fight.

Tito Trinidad told those on hand at the conference: "Good afternoon to everyone. I hope all fighters on January 19 give
the people a great fight. It is going to be a great night.

"I am feeling very good with a lot of passion and January 19. I am going to get another victory for me. I trained and worked very hard and I know I am going to win. I am confident in myself and I can't wait for Saturday night."

Trinidad's father and trainer, Don Felix Trinidad stated: "We are on the road to this big fight and I we are very comfortable about this fight. We have been training for six months-very hard-and Tito has trained more than he ever has. He has the passion. He is in the best condition of his life. We have a team of 21 people and each one has a role and that is the reason why he will be in one of the best conditions of his career. We hear Roy is in great condition too.

"In the past all of his opponents have been prepared quite well. We had the opportunity to fight other big names for Tito's comeback. Don King put other big names on the table. But we said we wanted the biggest name, and that was Roy Jones.

"We also want one thing that he has. We want to beat our fourth Olympic gold medalist.

"And the knockout can come in any rounds. This fight won't be decided on who is weaker, one or the other. This fight is going to be won on will, patience and the desire to win. The fighter who has the better corner in the ring and that describes a victory for Tito Trinidad. I am sorry, Roy, but Saturday night you will have no break against Tito Trinidad. You are going to fight against the best Tito Trinidad that any opponent has fought against."

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