Mike Tyson's visit Pissing off Women
By Johnny Benz (Jan 16, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Boxing promoter Terry Pettifer has been quoted by Sashni Pather for the times.co.za, saying he is saddened that the announcement of Boxer Mike Tyson’s visit to the country scheduled in two weeks’ time had not been welcomed in South Africa.

Tyson along with ANC president Jacob Zuma are set to attend a banquet at Emperors Palace.

Problems are stemming from Women’s organisations whom have voiced their opinions and dissatisfaction at the pairing
of the two men. Tyson is a convicted rapist and the other is accused of the same crime, but acquitted. Tyson spent three years in jail for raping a beauty contestant and Zuma was acquitted on rape charges back in 2006

Pettifer told the publication: “The fact that Tyson is dogged by his past is sad. He should not be judged outside of the ring.

“Zuma accepted the opportunity to be a keynote speaker . This is excellent for sport in the country and that’s how it should be seen.”

Pettifer also confirmed to the publication that Tyson would be helping to raise money for charity as well as interacting with children from Soweto.

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