Boxing Interview with Jermain Taylor
By Johnny Benz (Jan 17, 2008) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Everlast)  
Yesterday at a Media work out in Las Vegas, Jermain Taylor who is preparing for his February 16th rematch against Kelly Pavlik, answered some questions from the press. Taylor answered questions regarding his training (why he's using sledgehammers and tennis balls in training) and the changes he has made. Taylor also discussed how it's been without Manny Steward in his corner.

From the event, here are the question from the media and the answers from Taylor.

Question: You're OK not fighting for a belt this time?

Jermain Taylor: "When I win, I'll be walking out of there with everything he took from me. I'm walking out of there with my pride."

Question: Is it working out better without Emanuel?

Jermain Taylor: "It feels great. It's just like the old days. When we started out it was just me and Ozell. I'm working hard every day. I'm doing a lot more sparring. Emanuel Steward is a great guy, a Hall of Fame trainer and a friend of mine. I love him to death. But he isn't coaching me now."

Question: Why is the unconventional training necessary, using the sledgehammer, tire and tennis balls?

Jermain Taylor: "The tennis balls are for slipping punches, so I don't get hit with the punches I got hit with in the fight. As
far as the tire, it gives you muscle and endurance. I had him hurt in the second round and I didn't finish him. If I had the endurance, I wouldn't have gotten tired. I would have finished him."

Question: What kind of changes are you making in this training camp?

Jermain Taylor: "A lot harder training. Ozell's putting me through all kinds of stuff. Me and him together, there's nothing that's going to stop us. I've been doing a lot more running. I've been running five miles a day except Sunday. I'm running every day, serious running and I'm training hard with commitment and I'm going to be ready."

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