Lennox Lewis gives praise to Floyd Mayweather Jr; Plus speaks on Soccer and Reality T.V.
By Johnny Benz (Jan 17, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
In a recent interview conducted by SI.com's Richard Deitsch, retired Boxer Lennox Lewis was asked many questions related to him being part of Donald Trump's NBC reality T.V. show "Celebrity Apprentice." SI.com also asked Lewis some boxing related questions, such as who's the best pound for pound fighter in the game today? Lewis also discussed why he has been able to keep his word on staying retired from the sport of boxing. Other interesting topics hit on were if Lewis was a soccer fan, and in regards to Trump, what kind of tasks did Trump get Lewis to do?

Deitsch asked Lewis who he thought was the best pound-for-pound fighter today? Lewis gave praise to Floyd Mayweather Jr., likening his victory against Ricky Hatton as being stupendous like a martial artist.

Lewis responded to Deitsch: question of pound for pound best, stating: " Floyd Mayweather is very close. He was stupendous against Ricky Hatton, like a martial artist."

Lewis was asked by the publication if he was a soccer fan? Lewis responded to the question with: "I'm for blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air. West Ham, man. Some people are glory supporters. They just go because that team is winning all the time. I'm for West Ham." And when asked what kind of tasks Trump make him do? Lewis danced around the question so as not to give away any spoilers, but did say the show follows past shows. Lewis stated: "Some great and interesting tasks. I can't really talk about them but they go along the lines of past shows. We didn't veer to far away from past shows."

In regards to Why Lewis has been able to stay retired? Lewis: "Evolution. You have to evolve in life. I accomplished what I needed to accomplish in boxing. Now I have to set new goals and try to be successful in those."

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