Floyd Mayweather Sr speaks on Oscar De La Hoya and their future - Boxing
By Johnny Benz (Jan 22, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
In a recent article by David Mayo for the Grand Rapids Press, Floyd Mayweather Sr. discussed the the possibilities of getting back together with Oscar De La Hoya to help him in a rematch against his son, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Last year De La Hoya dropped the training services of Mayweather Sr. in favor of Freddie Roach. De La Hoya dropped Mayweather Sr. last year after turning down Sr's asking asking price of 2 million dollars. This time, De La Hoya has reached out to Mayweather Sr. and they have started discussions on getting back together.

Quoted by Mayo, in regards to the outcome of a rematch, Mayweather Sr. stated: "Another fight between them wouldn't do anything like it did before without me in the corner."

Mayweather Jr. is trained by his uncle Roger Mayweather (Sr's Brother). "It's brother vs. brother, father vs. son," Mayweather Sr. said, adding: "I'm not looking at it personally, or like a rivalry, but I know people are going to put it the way they want to put it, and that's fine."

Although Mayweather Sr. and De La Hoya have sat down and talked, money has not been brought up yet. However Mayweather Sr. made it clear to the Grand Rapids Press that he still want his asking price ($2 Million).

"We haven't sat down and talked about money yet, but as far as that goes, Oscar knows what I'm asking for," Mayweather Sr. added: "I'm not going to sit there and watch my son make all that money, while I make none. I did it once. It's not happening again."

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