No Joker - Heath Ledger Found Dead at 28 in New York
Off topic punch by Johnny Benz (Jan 22, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
My off topic punch for today is rather a sad one to report. On Tuesday afternoon, Australian-born Actor Heath Ledger was found dead at his residence in downtown Manhattan. According to initial reports in the media, Police said drugs may have been a factor. Ledger who starred in "Brokeback Mountain" was only 28 years.

Paul Browne a spokesman for the New York Police Department revealed to the media that Ledger had an appointment
with a masseuse at the Manhattan apartment.

Reports further indicate that the housekeeper who went to let him know the masseuse had arrived found the actor dead at 3:26 p.m.

Ledger is set to appear on screen in the role as the Joker this year in "The Dark Night," the sequel to "Batman Begins." Ledger was nominated for an Oscar for "Brokeback Mountain."

He's also stared in "A Knight's Tale" and "Monster's Ball."

With his untimely death, Ledger leaves behind a daughter he had with actress Michelle Williams in
2005, named Matilda.

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