Joe Calzaghe blast Bernard Hopkins over Racial Remark - Boxing
By Johnny Benz (Jan 24, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Britain's Joe Calzaghe is set to face off against America's Bernard Hopkins this upcoming April on the 19th. The fight will take place in USA at the Thomas and Mack Centre in Las Vegas.

Recently quoted on SkySports, Calzaghe called Hopkins an "Idiot" over a racial remark Hopkins had made publicly about Calzaghe.

Hopkins has been quoted by the media saying: "I'll never let a white boy beat me. Never."

Calzaghe was not bothered by the comment and feels Hopkins made himself look like an idiot. Quoted by SkySports, Calzaghe stated: "That didn't hack me off. It was embarrassing for himself. He made himself look an idiot.

Calzaghe also made it clear he doesn't have a racist bone in his own body by admitting skin color is not an issue for him.

"I'm not offended because I know what's going to happen. I'm not bothered if it's a black guy, a green guy, a yellow guy or any kind of colour. I'm just not going to lose full stop, " Calzaghe said.

Calzaghe further ridiculed Hopkins for the remarck being stupid.

"It is just a stupid comment from an adult. It doesn't get under my skin at all because when he gets in the ring he's going to get beaten full stop."

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