Mike Tyson gets a smack down in South Africa - Boxing
By Johnny Benz (Jan 30, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Mike Tyson has been snubbed by a South African radio station after listeners called in to the program to voice their displeasure with Tyson being on the radio.

Talk Radio 702 station manager Pheladi Gwangwa said Tyson had already agreed to chat with the radio shows morning anchor, John Robbie, but was told to not ask questions about Tyson's rape charge from the past. Although Tyson was set to go on the show, he pulled out basically at the last minute.

Gwangwa speaking to the AFP, stated: "The request (for an interview) was received favorably but with the proviso that John should not ask any questions relating to his rape trial."

It wasn't until Robbie told listeners to the radio program about the plans to speak with Tyson, that the radio station was flooded with listners who were outrage by Tyson appearance on the show.

Gwangwa further stated: "There was a huge reaction from listeners, some of them SMS-ing, others calling and agreeing with the first woman (who said Tyson had shown no remorse over his 1992 rape conviction), while others disagreed and said Mike Tyson has paid his dues to society," said .

Some callers to the show felt John should cancel the interview if he was not allowed to ask questions about rape. "Most of them however said that John should not conduct the interview if he would be prevented from asking questions about the rape trial," said Gwangwa.

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