Oscar De La Hoya set to retire from Boxing and Confirms Mayweather Connection
By Johnny Benz (Feb 2, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Oscar De La Hoya is planning three more fights before he hangs up his boxing gloves. According to a report out by Yahoo.com, the final three bouts of his career will include a September rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Yahoo.com further reports, De La Hoya will indeed reunite with trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. (Mayweather Jr's father.)

De La Hoya confirmed on Yahoo.com that he phoned Freddie Roach (who trained De La Hoya for his first fight with
Mayweather Jr.) to let Roach know personally that he would be teaming back up with Mayweather Sr. De La Hoya who had dropped Mayweather Sr. in favor of Roach, went on to lose a split-decision to Mayweather Jr. last year.

Quoted on yahoo.com, De La Hoya stated: "I consider Freddie a friend and I think he did a great job of training me for the fight," De La Hoya added: "I told him that I thought we could work together again, if not with he and I but with Golden Boy. I just didn't obey his commands (in the match against Mayweather).

De La Hoya feels Mayweather Sr. will be better suited for his rematch with Mayweather Jr.

"I just think Mayweather is the guy to train me for this fight, because he knows how to beat that style (that Mayweather Jr. has). It's nothing at all against Freddie," said De La Hoya.

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