Oscar De La Hoya speaks on why so many Trainers in his Boxing Career
By Johnny Benz (Feb 2, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
In a recent article published on Yahoo.com, De La Hoya discussed why he has had so many trainers in his professional career. De La Hoya admitted that most of the trainers he has had were pushed on him.

Quoted on yahoo.com, De La Hoya stated: "The fact of the matter is, all these trainers I've had, they had been pressured on me by other people, managers or promoters at the time or whoever."

De La Hoya went on to add: "The only trainers I brought in were Mayweather and Roach. I called Mayweather last time and told him what I was doing and I called Freddie today."

De La Hoya said other trainers were pushed on him from people with their own agendas, and further stated that he never brought them in.

"With these other trainers, I never brought them in or asked for them. People had their own agendas and brought them in and pushed them on me. Why would I be asking for all these different trainers?"

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