Oscar De La Hoya still into Boxing but maybe MMA and Pro Soccer also
By Johnny Benz (Feb 2, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Oscar De La Hoya is always busy. With everything going on in his own Boxing career, De La Hoya is also swamped with many other business dealings and ideas. Richard Schaefer, the CEO for De La Hoya's Company, Golden Boy Promotions, is equally busy these days with all daily business offers that hit his desk. Quoted by Yahoo.com, Schaefer spoke on some of the ideas and directions Golden Boy Promotions may head in. Amongst a 500 million dollar real estate deal, Golden Boy Promotions is also looking at the possibility of reaching into others sports than just Boxing. Those sports include Mixed Martial Arts
and Soccer.

Quoted by Yahoo.com, Schaefer stated: "Oscar knows boxing inside and out and can relate to the athletes in a unique way."

Schaefer added: "He's done a tremendous amount for this sport in the ring as a boxer, and now he's doing a lot for it outside the ring as a promoter."

In regards to getting into MMA, Schaefer made it clear De La Hoya would not be turning his back on Boxing.

"If Oscar decides to get into MMA, it doesn't mean he loves boxing less. Oscar has a passion for boxing, and he is committed to building the sport back to where it was when it was recognized everywhere as one of the top sports."

Schaefer also discussed the feasibility of Golden Boy acquiring an MLS franchise. Golden Boy Promotions is trying to determine if they do get into soccer, would be better to go after the purchase of an existing MLS franchise or if they
should apply for an expansion franchise.

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