Lennox Lewis: "Some people said I should have fought Klitschko again" - Boxing
By Johnny Benz (Feb 4, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
These days the former Undisputed Champion of the world, Lennox Lewis is enjoying retirement. Lewis who retired from Boxing in early 2004 admits that he has thought about making a comeback to professional Boxing. Speaking to the Sunday Times, Lewis admitted that he has battled with the idea of returning for another fight.

Quoted by the Sunday Times, Lewis stated: ”I did consider making a comeback.”

Lewis added: “I thought about it whenever I watched the other heavyweights out there, but I talked myself out of it almost in the same breath.

"‘Do I really need to do it? I’ve accomplished all that I need to accomplish, so I don’t need to do this again.’

Lewis feels their is no need to have a rematch with Vitali Klitschko and that his lecacy is sealed.

”Some people said I should have fought Klitschko again, but what for? I beat him and there will always be somebody out there, someone else to fight, but I’ve created a legacy, so why put it all at risk?" said Lewis.

Lewis is grateful that the way he ended his career puts him historically alongside some famous names. Lewis stated: ”I’m one of only three heavyweights ever to retire on top [Gene Tunney and Rocky Marciano were the others] and that’s important to me. That’s history.”

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