Lennox Lewis cool with Hulk Hogan but not Bi-Sexual Show - Boxing
By Johnny Benz (Feb 4, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
In a recent interview conducted by Brian Doogan of the Sunday Times, the retired Former undisputed Champion of the World, Lennox Lewis spoke on many things. Some of the topics Lewis hit on were business involvements. Lewis wants to go into acting but wants to make sure the roles he plays are best suited for him.

“I’m involved in some business ventures and I have aspirations of getting into the movies but when I’m picking a part I have to be very cognizant of who I am and what I’ve accomplished. My fans don’t want to see their hero die in a movie,
so it has to be a good part," said Lewis.

Lewis who is a cast member of this year's "Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice," ironically said he'd never do reality show. He explained to the Sunday Times why he decided that Donald Trump's show was right for him.

Lewis told the publication: "In fact, I was reading some scripts when The Apprentice opportunity came along. The ironic thing is that I said I would never do a reality show, even though I actually like watching them. Hulk Hogan’s was one that I liked because it was interesting to see how he dealt with young guys dating his daughter and I’m thinking, ‘I’d have dealt with that in a different way’."

Lewis isn't a fan of every Reality TV show that has aired on telivison. One in particular was a program that had a Bi-sexual girl being chased by men and women for her affection. Lewis was turned off by the program and feels its not a show he or anyone else should be watching.

Lewis explained: "But I’ve watched some other reality TV programmes which are terrible. There was one in which a bisexual girl was being chased by girls and guys and she had to pick between them. I mean, what are we trying to teach our children? I watched it once and I realised that it wasn’t the type of show I should be watching or anyone else, for that matter. As my children grow older, they won’t be watching trash like that.”

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