Joe Calzaghe disses Bernard Hopkins - Boxing
By Johnny Benz (Feb 4, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Joe Calzaghe is set to face off against Bernard Hopkins on Saturday April 19th. Calzaghe however is totally convinced that Hopkins is having second thoughts about their fight. Calzaghe now feels Hopkins is avoiding him out of fear.

Quoted by The Sunday Mirror, Calzaghe seemed frustrated by the obstacles Hopkins has put in the way of the two meeting face to face at a press conference.

Calzaghe stated: "We are due to meet face-to-face for a press conference but he has continually put obstacles in the way."

Calzaghe has been ready to fly to America but the trip has kept : "I was ready to fly to America but it kept getting put back."

Calzaghe feels Hopkins is all mouth: "He is all mouth - and I could see that in his eyes when he started bragging last year."

Calzaghe ripped Hopkins for being old and promised to end his career when the two finally meet in the ring.

"He's an old man and I will end his long career,"said Calzaghe.

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