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By Johnny Benz (Feb 4, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Bernard Hopkins is set to face off against Joe Calzaghe in a highly anticipated match up this coming Saturday, April 19th. Before the fight there is a planned five-city tour and Hopkins is set to fly in to London on Thursday for a face to face confrontation with Calzaghe for the press.

Hopkins isn't buying Calzaghe's claims, denying the charges Calzaghe has made that he is fearful of meeting face to face with him. Quoted by The Sunday Mirror, Hopkins stated:"Calzaghe is a nice guy and he's been a
good champion but he's crazy if he thinks I'm avoiding him."

Hopkins added: "I've been in bigger fights and faced more hostile crowds.

Hopkins further added that meeting Calzaghe face to face is child's play: "I told Calzaghe last year I would fight him anywhere and I mean that. Meeting him face-to-face is child's play to me," said Hopkins.

In regards to Hopkins comments of refusing to lose to a "White Boy," Hopkins added: "If Calzaghe's getting jumpy about what I said to him, he'll lose his mind by the time I'm finished with him."

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