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By Johnny Benz (Feb 4, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
A recent article by popular scribe Eric Raskin, published on ESPN quotes HBO's Boxing analyst Max Kellerman in regards to Floyd Mayweather Jr. Kellerman gave his view on what Mayweather Jr's responsibility to the sport is right now and had a message for those who feel Mayweather Jr. is avoiding fighters.

Kellerman tells Raskin, "Because Floyd is so good and he has proven himself, is it incumbent upon him to fight everyone? You could argue not necessarily."

Kellerman then added: "You could argue that if his approach is to let someone emerge as a money guy and then he'll fight that guy, that's an OK approach. The whole division is fighting each other, and then the most worthy guy steps forward and Floyd has to fight that guy."

Kellerman's a message for those complaining that Mayweather Jr. is ducking challenges: "I think if Cotto were to beat Margarito, or vice-versa, and Floyd didn't fight that guy, that would be a real problem, wouldn't it? But that has not yet happened."

"So for those who are complaining that Floyd is ducking guys, hey, someone needs to emerge to create true demand for it," said Kellerman.

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