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By Johnny Benz (Feb 4, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
According to a report out by Gareth A Davies for, Amir Khan has revealed just 48 hours after his twelve round victory over Gairy St Clair in London, that he aims to fight none other than Ricky Hatton at light-welterweight, that is if Hatton is still active.

Khan believes there is a good chance that he could Hatton. Quoted by Davies, Khan stated: "I can't see Ricky Hatton being around in 18 months. But if he is then you never know. You have got some good fighters there.
You've got Junior Witter, Ricky Hatton. Particularly Ricky Hatton, if it ever happens. I think he'd be made for my style. Ricky you have to look for and speed helps. And with Junior Witter, speed helps too because he's very lateral."

Khan added: "Most people haven't faced anyone as fast as me."

Khan also discussed moving up in weight, stating: "At light-welterweight I'd be hitting a lot harder and I'd be a lot stronger. I don't want to come to a stage where I'm killing myself to make the weight."

"Once you start killing yourself you don't perform on the night. I want to win a world title at this weight and then I'll go up."

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