Boxing: Britney Spears and Oscar De La Hoya more famous than Kelly Pavlik
By Johnny Benz (Feb 7, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Kelly Pavlik is riding high these days after beating Jermain Taylor last September. His fame has sky rocketted, but Pavlik keeps his feet on the ground by not letting his new fame get to his head. As famous as Pavlik is these days, he is still humble and dropped names such as Britney Spears and Oscar De La Hoya, declaring them much more famous than he is.

Quoted in the media, Pavlik stated: “I’m not like Oscar De La Hoya or Britney Spears,” adding, “That’s some combination.”) “It’s very hectic at times.”

Pavlik considers himself a simple guy who enjoys spending time with his daughter. “I’m a simple guy and I like to do things around the house and see my daughter. I haven’t had a lot of ‘me time.’ At the same time, even though it’s a pain in the [butt], there’s some great things that come with it. You have to take what you like from it and enjoy it and things you don’t like, you’ve just gotta block out.”

At the media event Pavlik was asked followed up question in regards to Spears. Pavlik was asked if he’ll end up in a mental hospital in the near future. “No, I haven’t got any pills,” Pavlik said, laughing, adding: “I’m feeling pretty good. There’s no cars following me around or cameras.”

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